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Vivaro 18-, Dispatch, Expert, Proace 16- MWB,LWB Right Front Fixed Window, Privacy Glass


  • Fits MWB & LWB Only (Window is 1098mm long, SWB is 925mm long)
  • Non Opening Window
  • Fits Right Sliding Door (Offside, Driver's side Side)
  • Privacy Glass (80%)
  • Specifically designed for a van 'conversion'
  • Integrates with interior panels on vehicles with factory fitted non-opening windows
  • Peugeot Expert (third generation models 2016 on)
  • Citroen Dispatch (third generation models 2016 on)
  • Toyota ProAce (second generation 2016 on)
  • Vauxhall Vivaro (2019 on)

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