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Transit 2014- Left Front Fixed Window, + Tint Options


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Fits the new full size Ford Transit 2014 onwards (commonly referred to in the UK as the "Mk 8")

There are a myriad of size options on the Transit but for window purposes it's only the length that need concern you, ALL body lengths share the same Front Window (Side Loading Door and opposite) and it's only the windows behind this that change with body length, we have moved away from the term 'Wheelbase' as it's now very confusing as the Transit has only 2 Wheelbases but 4 body lengths.

Available in a 30% Green Tint (sometimes referred to as 'Clear') to match your factory cab windows or an 80% Privacy Tint

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  • This window fits the Left Front Panel (Usually a Side Loading Door on UK RHD models)

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