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Master, Movano, NV400 2010- Left Front Opening Window


Wheelbase Tint Price Options (See Pics)
  • Fits 2010 on Renault Master, Vauxhall/Opel Movano and Nissan NV400
  • Short Wheelbase (L1) window measures 1205mm whilst the MWB, LWB and XLWB (L2,L3,L4) measures 1424mm
  • Fits Left Hand Side as viewed from sitting in the driver's seat (Nearside, Passenger's Side)
  • 2 Options available, with single or double cutout for the hinge (see pictures), this is a visual difference only and doesn't affect the fitting or it's use.
  • Designed to fit a nearside sliding door as there is a cut-out for the hinge (see options)
  • 80% Privacy Glass
  • Bonded, just like factory fitted windows but designed especially for a converted panel van
  • Our glass comes as standard with the European safety mark E 43R, this has an advantage over the British Standard BS857 in that it can be used in all European countries.

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