Security Deadlocks, will this affect my window fitting?

PROBABLY is the simple answer, if they are fitted where the window needs to go they will probably have to be removed, we are unable to do this at the time of the job as we will not have the tools or the time as they can be quite time-consuming to remove. The window will normally conceal any holes left by removing the locks.

Some examples of the types of Security Lock that may prevent window fitting...

The most common type of Security Dealdock we encounter, sometimes we can fit the window over the top of these if they are fitted flush enough, our only concern with this is that if the lock develops a fault and locks itself you may need to smash the window to get access to the van.

This lock is probably not sitting flush enough to the bodywork to fit the window over the top of it.


This lock could probably have the window fitted over it as it's sitting nice and flush to the bodywork.

Another common type of lock, basically any lock that is fitted withing the area where the window goes is likely to be an issue.